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Customized Insurance Best Practice Procedural Manual Program

Comprehensive Agency Operations Review and Solutions Program

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Welcome to The Grace Bauer Group, Inc.

Celebrating 32 Years In Business

Agency Goals

Increase Efficiency
Save Time on Training
Secure Consistency
Prevent E & O

Increase Productivity
Increase Morale
Reduce Stress
Set a Peaceful Work Environment
Build a Strong Management Team
Secure Agency Success

Secure Success of Sales Program
Increase Revenue

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Customized Insurance Best Practice Procedural Manual Program

Commercial Lines — Personal Lines — Life/Health/Employee Benefits
Fill-In-The-Blank Customized Best Practice Procedural Templates
Remote Customized Best Practice Service
On-Site Customized Best Practice Service
With E & O Issues, Efficiencies, Recommendations, Best Practice Procedures, Maintenance, & Auditing

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Comprehensive Agency Operations Review & Solutions Program

Employee Proficiency and Productivity Review
Employee Efficiency Program
Customized Agency Management, Producer, and Employee Growth Program

Detailed Quote for the Comprehensive Agency Operations Review and Solutions Program?


Webinars and Helpful Worksheets

Account Rounding – Agency Concerns – Agency Efficiency – Auditing – Backlog – Cannot Get Work Done – Catastrophe Planning – Detailed Outline – Developing Procedures – Employee Accountability –Employee Productivity – E & O – Find Me Time – General Outline – Job Descriptions - Management Checklist – New Business and Renewal Workflows – Organize My Day – Overwhelmed CSR’s – Overwhelmed Management – Productivity Accountability Review – Productivity Review – Renewal Review – Sales Accountability – Sales and Marketing

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Please note below just a few Testimonials by Benefit. See full listing under References and Testimonials.

Secure Consistency

"There were certain things that people were doing different ways, and there has never been any consistency. Now it is happening. That is a big plus right there!"
Jeff Skaar — Thune Insurance Network Inc.  | 
Thief River Falls, MN  | 
Staff of 16 - AMS360

Increase Revenue

"By having procedures, we have better-insured clients and make more money."
Veronica Della Porta — The Della Porta Group  | 
Jacksonville, FL  | 
Staff of 11 — AFW

Increase Efficiency

"The procedural process is a time-saver, you learn to do things a quicker way, a more efficient way."
Allison Hill — Mark V. Williamson  | 
Little Rock, AR  | 
Staff of 11 - AFW

Improve Workflows

"Our biggest benefit at this point is communication. Working with Alan and yourself through this procedural process has opened our eyes especially within workflows. We had some areas we needed to review as far as how things were being done and when they were done. We were able to identify problems and make sure everyone was on the same page."
Bill Farris - Farris Agency Inc.  | 
Conway, AR  | 
Staff of 9 — AFW Online

Save Time in Training, Coverage and Backup

"The biggest benefit has been in training new people and being able to go through each step. Once procedures are reviewed with the new employee, we have something that looks familiar to refer to. We do not have to worry about missing a step."
Cathy Harris — Valley Oaks Insurance  | 
Roseville, CA  | 
Staff of 25 — Applied

Establish Accountability

"We now have a checklist to make sure things are being done. The process has made people think more about how processes need to be handled efficiently."
Richard Minor — Insurance Services  | 
Hannibal, MO  | 
Staff of 20 — Applied

Prevent Errors and Omissions

"When we first started talking I had mentioned I came from a different background. This process enlightened me to all of the procedures that should be in an agency that was not in ours - to know why and how things were done - where our exposures were - which made me a better manager."
Robynne Olson — Olson, Inc.  | 
Annapolis, MD  | 
Staff of 5 — DORIS

Attain Peace of Mind

"Your involvement in our process of finally getting our Agency Procedures Manual completed was critical. We had been trying for several years to get this completed. Your outline and game plan made it very doable."
Jeff Johnson - Embry & Company  | 
Kansas City, MO  | 
Staff of 31 — Applied